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Radio Removal:
(this procedure was done on a 2002 A4 Bose system. It should work on previous year models too)
To remove the radio, you have to either get special tools or make your own. There is an Audi TSB (910006) describing the procedure.

1) The tools are inserted into the holes above the CD and >| buttons and below the SCAN and TAPE buttons.

2) Insert the tools with the slanted part facing towards the center of the radio. If you are using a set you made youself, it might be easier to stick in at a slight angle with the long parts leaning into the center of the radio. When you push the tools in, you should feel some metal-metal scraping, that is the tool pushing the clips into the body. Straighten out the tool and it should stay in place if you push it in far enough (about 1-2 inches or so) (if you look at the picture on the right, the second and third panels show how the tool stays straight, it basically gets wedged between the radio and the clip).

3) If you have a tool with notches, you can just pull on the tools and the radio will slide out. If you were lazy and made the tools without notches, pull gently on the cassette opening while also working the bottom part. There's a little resistance because there is a rubber track which I assume is used to make the radio fit snugly.

4) Once you get the radio out, to remove the tools, (if you have a notch on your tools), simply depress each spring and pull the tool out. If you don't have notches, just pull them out.

(click to view/enlarge):

My set of tools

Official tools
inside detail:

tools inserted correctly:

System Diagram

More radio pictures (click to enlarge):

back of the radio:
radio connectors:
radio connectors:
radio connectors:

radio pinouts:
finished trunk:
stereo shot:
nav shot:
nav shot:
dvd changer:
remote control: